Driver Experience

Small, but perfectly formed… Inside the Citan, you’ll find everything you and your business needs from a city van: superior comfort and driver convenience, Bluetooth® and USB connectivity, Tardis-like cabin stowage and, of course, uncompromising ride quality.

Interior comfort? You're in the driving seat.

Your seat easily adjusts to the perfect position for all heights of driver, and the ergonomically designed backrest gives lateral support for comfort and safety.

The steering wheel is height adjustable. All controls are laid out ergonomically and within easy reach, and can be operated intuitively. The easy-to-read instrument cluster includes shift point display, which tells you when to change gear for maximum fuel efficiency. Everything is where you need it to be, or where you’d expect it to be, to help you get on with business efficiently – what else would you expect from Mercedes-Benz?

Radio and entertainment: stay connected.

We know that a van often doubles up as a driver’s office during the working day, so in addition to standard FM and AM reception, the LCD display radio offers a range of intelligent connections to help you stay connected while on the road.

There’s Bluetooth® connectivity to your mobile phone, for safe, hands-free calling. You can stream audio from your phone or MP3 player. Connect – and recharge – your devices through the USB port or use the audio AUX interfaces. And there’s a standard 12v socket in the centre console, to charge tablets or laptops if necessary. Everything is designed to help keep your business moving.

Climate control: create your ideal working environment.

The standard-fit heating and ventilation system with optional air conditioning system means you control the climate inside your Citan, while the outside stays where it belongs – particulate matter, pollen, exhaust gas and smells are all filtered out.

Diesel engines are fitted with a durable electric PTC heater booster to help defrost, demist and heat up your van faster while keeping heat loss to a minimum. This is positioned directly on the air outlet nozzles and is perfect for winter starts when you can’t afford to hang around.

Multiple stowage comparments: a place for everything...

…and everything in its place. The intelligent stowage system brings order to the interior of your Citan. As well as the lockable glove compartment, there’s generous stowage space in both front doors, an optional stowage compartment in the centre console (easy to reach and with space for a 1.5-litre bottle), and practical head-level stowage running the length of the windscreen.

Everything you need – from paperwork to MP3 players – can be safely and securely stowed away from prying eyes, yet remain at hand when you need it.

Ultimate control: electrically adjustable, heated exterior mirrors.

The Citan comes with electrically adjustable, automatically heated exterior mirrors on both the driver and passenger side as standard, which can be adjusted using a rotary switch in the armrest on the driver’s door. Be ready for the off, on even the coldest, wettest days. Bring in your side mirrors when passing through tight spots or going through the car wash with optional folding mirrors.

Easy does it: Start-off Assist as standard.

he Citan is fitted with Start-off Assist as standard – take your foot off the brake pedal on an uphill slope and braking pressure is maintained for a short time, so the vehicle doesn’t roll back before you have chance to accelerate and pull away.

This is an integral part of the van’s ESP® system, only engaged on gradients of around 4 % and upwards (note it’s not activated when pulling away on the flat or on a downhill slope) and designed to make everyday stop/start city driving a little bit easier.

Handling without compromise: the chassis.

The Citan responds to rapidly changing conditions with ease. The combination of driving dynamics, low fuel consumption and impressive handling make driving fun, whether in busy city traffic ‒ where the Citan offers agility and a good turning circle ‒ or on the open road.

All chassis components are carefully coordinated ‒ from the power steering to the suspension settings and damper tuning. The result: no compromise on handling and driving pleasure, even when parking and manoeuvring, cornering or driving with heavy loads.

Reversing camera

The new optional reversing camera is located by the license plate holder on the tailgate or rear door. It is activated when reverse gear is engaged. The camera image is shown on the interior mirror and automatically dimmed if the light intensity is strong. Guide lines help with judging distances, thereby boosting safety.