Driver Experience

The technology featured as standard in the Mercedes-Benz Vito makes driving a pleasure, intuitively ensuring driver and passenger comfort from the moment you enter the van. The Vito makes everything easier, every step of the way, taking care of driving functions as you travel and even parking for you as you end your journey.

Active Parking Assist: Taking parking out of your hands

The Vito doesn’t just make parking simple – it can do it for you. Choose optional Active Parking Assist and your Vito will automatically parallel park or manoeuvre itself into a bay. The system uses PARKTRONIC parking sensors, detecting when the van is close to an obstacle at the front or rear.

Multifunction steering wheel: One wheel, twelve functions

The Vito’s 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel is not only ergonomically perfect, it’s the hub that puts you in control of your van. Twelve buttons put all the information you need at your fingertips. Those on the left provide access to menus in the instrument cluster, while those on the right adjust the volume for audio devices, control phones and navigation systems. The multifunction steering wheel allows easy, intuitive control, with minimal distraction from the road.

Cruise control: Set your own limits

Cruise control with SPEEDTRONIC speed limiter comes as standard in the Vito, allowing you to effortlessly travel at a pre-set speed – and avoid inadvertently going over the speed limit. One less thing to think about, wherever you go.

Radio and entertainment: Stay connected and entertained

The Vito keeps you connected and entertained with the Audio 15 infotainment unit as standard. As well as a radio, it offers Bluetooth® connectivity to your mobile phone for safe, hands-free calling, and an iPod® interface for audio streaming. 

The system also features a USB port (through which you can connect and recharge your devices), an Aux-in connection and an SD card memory slot. All these functions can be operated via an intuitive, high-quality display or the multi-function steering wheel.

Front Seat Heating: A warm welcome on cold days 

Both the driver and passenger front seats in the Vito feature optional electric heating, enabling you to warm up and get started as quickly as possible on winter mornings. The heating system features 3 levels, ranging from rapid heating (level 3) to a gentle, more constant heat (level 1). When rapid heating is selected, it will automatically switch to level 2 after 8 minutes, then down to level 1 after a further 10 minutes, ensuring the optimum temperature is reached quickly, but always remains comfortable.

LED Intelligent Light System: Illuminating innovation

The optional LED Intelligent Light System gives the Vito its distinctive sporty look and offers a truly intuitive way to see the road ahead. The active LED headlights swivel with the steering wheel, lighting up corners before the van has fully turned. They also adapt to weather and light, providing the perfect level of illumination in all conditions. When braking or turning, LED rear lighting also makes the vehicle even more prominent from behind, improving safety for you and others on the road.

Climate control: Making climate control a breeze

The Vito’s optional TEMPMATIC air conditioning system allows both driver and passenger to adjust the temperature in the van to the desired level. With the help of the optional THERMOTRONIC climate control system, the Vito automatically regulates its internal temperature, air volume and distribution separately for both occupants.

Reversing camera: Forward-thinking reversing

The optional reversing camera will make things easier and safer when parking or performing a tricky manoeuvre in the Vito. When reverse gear is engaged, a high-resolution screen in the dashboard displays the area behind the vehicle, allowing you to see exactly how much space there is. Guide lines also enable you to judge distances at a glance.